Gwendolyn Boyd Moss is a native New Yorker who made Atlanta her home in 2002. Her true pride is as mother of three incredible sons, Justin (Jo Jo), Damon and Brandon. Justin was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 and with Schizophrenia at the age of 14. With passion and purpose, Gwen seeks to help others experiencing challenges with a family member or loved one with a mental illness.


As motivational speaker and author, Gwen seeks to inspire, motivate and bring awareness in the area of mental health. “My Big Brother Jo Jo & His Friend Schizophrenia” is her first book released in the Series “My Special Friend.” This series of children’s books focuses on characteristics of children with special needs and seeks to assist their peers in understanding their developmental differences and also to encourage meaningful friendships.


Gwen’s personal journey has been one of triumph and struggle.  She is a professional licensed Realtor of 16 years in Georgia, and has now added to her resume Reality TV personality. She is featured as a main character on the New WeTV Reality Series premiering on November 5, 2015, “Selling In The ATL.


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Mr. Autism, Can Andrew Come Play?

The Bipolar Bandit Has Captured Ben and Angelina and the ADHD Fairy.

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